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Dr. Dana

Meet Dr. Dana Bergquist, DC

Family Chiropractor

Dr. Dana aims to serve every patient in her practice with unconditional love, using chiropractic as an avenue for deep connection and understanding. She believes that vibrant children need well supported and connected adults in their lives to thrive, and has a passion for Early Childhood Development as well as promoting mental health among children and families. She recognizes how much our early childhood experiences shape our view and interactions with our world, and prioritizes promoting health above all.

Dr. Dana has always believed in a natural approach to health and wellness, including chiropractic since she was a teenager experiencing symptoms of scoliosis. Throughout her professional career she has always maintained her focus of working with children, parents, and families of all kinds to help them prioritize their wellness.

Finding a Passion for Health and Wellness

Dr. Dana’s passion for health and wellness started when she practiced as a Registered Nurse for over a decade, and taught nursing for the University of Alberta. While Dr. Dana loved nursing, it became clear that she was meant to focus her efforts on health promotion. She then completed her Master’s in Public Health in 2012 where she specialized in Health Promotion and Global Health. During her Master’s practicum in Zambia, she found a passion for Early Childhood Development and promoting mental health with children and families.

In the 7 years before starting her chiropractic journey, she worked in the field of research and taught seminars about childhood development, trauma, loss and grief. Those years taught her so much about brain development, emotional development, and the significant impact these have on our lives. Dr. Dana then obtained her Doctorate of Chiropractic at Life Chiropractic College West in California. She continued her focus on working with kids and families, serving as her college’s vice president of the pediatric club. Dr. Dana is certified in the Webster technique for pregnancy through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), and continues to pursue additional training in pediatric and perinatal care to stay informed and provide the best care possible for her patients.

Outside the Office

When she’s not in the clinic, Dr. Dana prioritizes her own wellness and nourishes herself by spending time hiking, biking, dabbling with art, and playing the violin. She is a loving wife to her partner and mother to her growing family, supporting them in a lifestyle focused on wellness and love.

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