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Meet the Acupuncturists at
Thrive Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

Dr. Danielle Drapaka – Acupuncturist

Dr. Danielle Drapaka - AcupuncturistDr. Danielle is a graduate of the Grant MacEwan University Acupuncture program and has been in practice since June 2020.

Dr. Danielle has a deep passion for helping others heal and reach their optimal wellness. She approaches each treatment, and each individual, with an attitude of understanding, patience and sincere care, allowing you to feel relaxed, respected and confident in your treatment. Dr. Danielle chooses to focus on the positive things about life and believes that every problem has a solution that can allow you to truly grow and Thrive!

Dr. Danielle offers expertise and experience in treating a variety of concerns such as general and chronic pain, anxiety, migraines, depression, and anxiety. She also has an interest and passion for treating women’s health concerns and helping families along their fertility journeys.

Dr. Danielle also incorporates other TCM modalities such as fire cupping, Gua Sha, auricular acupuncture, ear seeds, electro-stimulation, acupressure and Tuina massage within her practice.

Dr. Ciara Moynihan – Acupuncturist

Dr. Ciara Moynihan - AcupuncturistDr. Ciara is a graduate of the Acupuncture Program at Reeves College and has been in practice since 2020.

Dr. Ciara has worked within the health and fitness industry for nearly 20 years. Her interest in the human body, and her passion to help others live a healthy and full life led her to pursue her career in TCM and Acupuncture. She believes that each individual deserves to live a full and vibrant life and that this can be achieved when they have had the opportunity to experience a deep level of healing physically, mentally and emotionally. Her desire to help facilitate this work has always been the driving force behind her practice.

Dr. Ciara believes that a gentle approach in regards to ourselves and our bodies will achieve greater wellbeing, and she incorporates that same grace and compassion into her role as a practitioner.

Dr. Ciara’s approach to each treatment is to create an environment of comfort and understanding, enabling you to feel at ease and confident in knowing what is occurring within your body, what each treatment involves and how you will work together to address your individual concerns and goals.

Dr. Ciara offers expertise and experience in treating concerns such as stress, anxiety, depression, energy levels, emotional issues, digestive concerns, and headaches. She also has a passion for addressing and treating fertility and women’s health concerns.

Dr. Ciara specializes in pediatric acupuncture, and acupuncture accompanied by Reiki treatments, as well as incorporating Fire Cupping and other modalities of TCM within her practice.

Dr. Paige Brown – Acupuncturist

Dr. Danielle Drapaka - Acupuncturist
Dr. Paige graduated from Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC and has been practicing Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine since 2014. She was introduced to this amazing medicine when she was just a teenager, which helped immensely on her own healing journey and inspired her to do the same for others.

Dr. Paige’s experience and training has led to a focus on supporting women. She has completed extensive studies in Women’s Health and Fertility, and continues to expand her knowledge to help women in all aspects of life including childbirth, pre/post natal, menopause, and everything in between. With nearly a decade of work experience in this field, Dr. Paige has seen the amazing benefits of Acupuncture with countless patients.

In addition, Traditional Chinese Medicine has a strong focus on prevention and maintenance of good health. More than just treating disease, Dr. Paige emphasizes being proactive over reactive, and promoting preventative health and wellness in a holistic manner to offer complete care of body, mind, and spirit. She is very committed to helping people feel their absolute best and takes great pride in assisting her patients on their healing journey with kindness, compassion, and respect.

Dr. Paige has also completed her Mei Zen Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture and looks forward to providing her patients with a holistic, whole body approach to esthetics.


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