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Thrive Chiropractic & Wellness Centre Reviews

Hands holding heartWhat Our Southwest Edmonton Patients Say

At Thrive Chiropractic & Wellness Centre we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Thrive Chiropractic & Wellness Centre care. For more information, or to schedule an appointment contact us today.

  • Dr Jenna Ewasiuk is amazing! My LO has been fussy because he has hard time passing gas, Dr Jenna was attentive to my concerns and within one day my LO was less gassy. I will definitely recommend anyone with a fussy baby to see Dr Ewasiuk as she has helped him with his gas. Thank you Dr Ewasiuk!
    - Ronan D.
  • Wonderful first visit. The staff went out of their way to introduce me to the facility and it’s services, which made me feel valued and welcome. Dr. Jenna was very friendly and informative, which made me feel safe and comfortable for our first chiropractor appointment for my baby.
    - Edmund T.
  • I had never been to a chiropractor before and didn’t really know what to expect, but the team was nothing but nice, kind and caring absolutely made me feel welcome and want to come back again.
    - Katelyn K.
  • It was clear that your team is invested in my well being! I am excited for my upcoming appointments.
    - Jillian R.
  • The chiropractor assistants and chiropractor were so friendly. I loved how welcoming and smiley the staff is. Dr. Jenna was amazing with my very busy son. Highly recommend!
    - Beckett H.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I left the clinic feeling AMAZING and even better than that, I learned so much about my body. I honestly can’t wait for my next appointment!
    - Leah M.
  • For my first time here, it was fantastic! Learned a lot about how my body is aligned and how to start to fix it
    - Cory N.
  • Welcoming, professional, compassionate staff. Beautiful and bright clinic. It is a “one stop shop” for all your health care needs.
    - Mary Lynn P.
  • Incredibly helpful and friendly. Fantastic first visit and looking forward to more.
    - Kara H.
  • Dr.Jayce was amazing. Knowledgeable and super kind. I have been in so much pain since before I was pregnant and a few hours after I left the office, I felt relief for the first time in over 8 months. I am excited to continue treatment!
    - Mary Rose M.
  • It was a very clean, calm space to be in, I liked the atmosphere
    - Olivia S.
  • Absolutely loved Dr Jenna and the amazing assistant staff. I felt so welcomed as soon as I entered the clinic and it was very refreshing to have such an experienced skill professional work on me and explain to me with so much grace and detail what exactly was going on.
    - Rebecca B.
  • I should’ve come in sooner!
    - Cynthia D.
  • Love Dr.Jenna, she’s amazing with my son and now me. I had my first adjustment with her last week and after a couple of days, my back feels a lot better than it did.
    - Tiffany M.
  • Very grateful being pregnant and with a bad pain in my back got the immediate help and doing better. The Dr. and staff are great. Thank you again.
    - Eylinn L.
  • We love Dr. Jenna and her beautiful clinic! She exudes confidence and truly cares for her patients and their well being. She’s always given great tips and explanations for everything she does or would like to do.
    - Benjamin B.
  • They’re beyond awesome. I felt very at home. I recommend anyone to go there, they won’t be disappointed!

    - Habe K.
  • I feel much better after the visit. Very happy with the treatment and the results. Thank you very much!
    - Alessandro C.
  • I was going in with neck/shoulder issues and had a fear of a chiropractor working on my neck. Everyone there, not just my specific chiro, was extremely friendly and bubbly and helped me with any questions or concerns I brought up. Going back for round 2 ASAP!
    - Stephen J.
  • I started bringing my daughter for treatments to help with her naps (she is now 8 months old). I made the decision to start getting treatments myself since they have helped my daughter so much. I have hip pain since pregnancy and am looking forward to relief.
    - Courtney M.
  • Lindsay is amazing and has helped me so much with acupuncture. I could barely walk before and after a couple acupuncture appointments and some cupping I feel great.
    - Danielle H.
  • Front desk was friendly & helpful both on the phone and in person. Dr. Jenna was very kind and informative. She explained everything before going ahead with my appointment. She was very professional and I cannot wait for my next visit.
    - Sheena G.

You All Made Me Feel Very Welcomed

Thank you for welcoming me and our family. I was so nervous and anxious to change chiropractors after 6 years. You all made me feel very welcomed and listened to. I cried for two days with anxiety about the switch and I have a very fragile body with lots of problems. My adjustment today was perfect for my body. Dr Carissa listened so well. Thank you again so much you have no idea what this means to me today.

- Larissa K.

Very Accommodating

Ashley at reception was very accommodating with my appointment time adjustment, it just really took the stress away you knew she was helping you right away. Kelsey is an amazing Massage therapist, I have followed her from her last clinic because she is that talented.

– Emily G.

100% Recommend

Beautiful new, modern and clean clinic! We were welcomed as soon as we entered and had such a great experience with Dr Carissa! She was so gentle with my baby and me! 100% recommend! Just wish we lived closer to stop in more frequently.

- Tayla S.

Dr. Dana is Awesome!

Dr. Dana is awesome! She let my daughter take a moment between the different adjustment spots & always asked how she was doing if she was okay etc. She also has more than one way to adjust kids so it was great that our daughter felt comfortable telling her how she felt so Dr.Dana could offer her different options to try! She is amazing!

– Kiley C.

Great Experience

Such a great experience for my first time bringing in my baby! Second baby but our first go at infant chiro and I have nothing but great things to say! Dr. Jenna explained everything to me and made me feel very comfortable with what she was doing.

- Fenner A.

Very Comfortable with Dr. Jenna

My husband, daughter and I are all patients and all of us are very comfortable with Dr. Jenna and love coming to see her. My daughter, who is only 3, was a bit scared for her first visit but now she tells us how much she loves “Miss Jenna” and can’t wait for her visits!

– Megan C.

I Felt Welcome and Happy

Thank you so much. I felt welcome and happy. My back feels significantly better today and I am very happy to have found this clinic! The staff is all very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

- Natasha C.

Very Positive Experience

Clinic is super clean and welcoming. Dr. Jacey was amazing and calming, and made the entire experience very positive for me! Would 100% recommend friends to this clinic!!

– Ella M.

Warm and Inviting

I've never really known much about chiropractic work but I started taking my son and then decided to try it myself. And any nervousness I may have felt before went away super quickly both for myself and way back when I first took my son when Dr. Jenna walked in. She was warm and inviting, she explained everything to me before starting and also as she went. I couldn't believe the range of motion I had in my neck afterward, I felt like an owl haha. My body feels so much better and I know my sons did too. Wish I hadn't waited so long to do this! But I'm glad I met Dr.Jenna and the thrive team!!

- Katie

First Experience was Really Great

My first experience was really great. The reception staff is super nice and welcoming. She was very sweet and knowledgeable about the place. Doctor Jenna is very sweet and was very kind to my baby and also was checking with me if everything is ok during the procedure. Especially for my 7-month-old, she reassured me what pressure she is applying to my baby. We are looking forward to our next appointment already.

– Olivia

Fantastic First Appointment

This was a fantastic first appointment. The front office staff was friendly and professional. They were very knowledgeable about health care coverage and gave me a tour of the office. Jenna was amazing. Thoughtful and listened to my concerns. She was professional and very intelligent in the field. I feel confident having care here moving forward.

- Leanne

Great Experience, Every Time

LOVE this clinic so much! Our entire family has started receiving care at Thrive (chiro, massage and craniosacral) and every time we are in it is a great experience. We feel so taken care of at Thrive! I also love that the staff are so kind and friendly to my children.

– Novalee

Noticable Improvement in My Baby's Mood and Digestion

The customer service is top-notch. After missing an appointment for possibly taking down the wrong appointment time I was pleasantly surprised by the phone call I received asking if we were okay. The clinic also took the responsibility for the time mix up, even though it was probably my postpartum brain, who knows! On top of that, we were welcomed to show up for the wrong appointment time so we could still receive treatment. Dr. Jenna is amazing with my little one. Her touch is gentle and there has been a noticeable improvement in his mood and digestion. Our little one is a much happier baby! I would definitely recommend Dr. Jenna's services to other parents.

- Owen

Very Gentle and Precise

I absolutely loved my visit here with Doctor Jenna. They were able to get me in for a last-minute appointment as I don’t live here and I had a trampoline accident the day earlier. I got in on time and she was very gentle and precise with each of the points in my neck and back that required help and readjustment and she didn’t push on me too hard. She was very careful to have a long conversation about my medical history which I also really appreciate. Would definitely come here again if my spine needed help while I’m visiting relatives.

– Amber

I Would Strongly Recommend This Clinic

Love Thrive Chiro Center, Chiropractor Jenna Ewasiuk, and staff! I found this business through a google search for highest-rated chiropractors in southwest Edmonton. The ratings were high. The location was excellent and easily accessible. I am finally getting relief from a nagging sciatica issue thanks to the treatments I have been receiving from Dr. Jenna. Not only have her treatments given me relief but Dr. Jenna takes the time to fully explain the issue and treatments. I would strongly recommend this clinic to anyone who is looking for Chiropractic Treatment. When the center's massage treatments are available once again my husband I plan to use those services at as well.

- Debbie

Immediate Improvement

We were nervous about bringing a 1-month old to the chiropractor but learned that all contact with the baby would be gentle, but we were free to stop the appointment at any time if we were uncomfortable. However, Dr. Ewasiuk was very calm and assuring, which helped ease our way. Additionally, the results after our short first visit were like night and day; our 1-month old showed immediate improvements to her torticollis-related problems that had been issues since birth.
– Aurora

Piece of Mind

I took my son to see Dr. Jenna at 3 weeks old after I had seen her throughout my pregnancy. We noticed an immediate difference in his demeanor - he was less fussy and slept well. Dr. Jenna was very gentle with him and he really enjoyed the appointment. You could see him just melt into her as she adjusted! It's given me peace of mind knowing we are ensuring he is aligned after his delivery and so many months of being curled up on the womb. If you are on the fence about chiropractic care for your baby/child, see Dr. Jenna for an assessment and I'm confident you will find value!

- Liam

Amazing Chiropractor!

She is so great with little kids. She is my whole family’s chiropractor and I recommend her to everyone. I also saw her during my pregnancy and she is so knowledgeable, gentle, and got rid of my hip and pelvic pain. My little one struggled with constipation and Dr. Jenna had so many helpful suggestions along with getting him adjusted! She will be our chiropractic forever.
– Vanessa

Positive Experience

I had been experiencing migraines and severe pain in my neck and shoulders so my coworker suggested that I go see Dr Jenna. She was patient and thorough in explaining why I was experiencing the pain and in how she thought she could help me. Within 3 visits (˜ 1.5 weeks) my migraines had stopped and my pain levels were significantly improved. I continue to go for treatments for "maintenance" for my scoliosis. Overall, a very positive experience!
- Andrea

Feel Better Than Ever!

Dr. Jenna is my hero! My back and hips have been a problem for so many years and other treatments were not helping. After just several visit, I was feeling such a difference. Now I feel better than I ever have. I will continue to go for ongoing maintenance but I couldn’t be happier. Front staff is great, helpful and fun too! I will never forget what they have done for me.

– Jennifer

Highly Recommend

I have been coming to this clinic for just over 1 month now and I have had an excellent experience. The staff are always friendly and Dr. Jenna is very knowledgeable and good at what she does. I have had pretty bad back pain for years as a result of working in construction, in just over 1 month I feel 10x better with just a fraction of the pain and it's still getting better.
I highly recommend this clinic.
- Niklas

Fantastic Chiropractor

Where do I begin? Several years ago, I met Dr.Jenna at a Home Show. She was demonstrating a machine that took pictures of the hot spots of your spine, showing the misalignment and ultimately the pressure it puts on your joints and muscles. Although I had used chiropractic care in the past, I had not been to one for several years. Intrigued by the new technology, I stopped by and was assessed. To say I was a walking disaster is an understatement. Having worked in an office setting crouched over my computer for years, I lit up like a roman candle. This new technology, clearly showed why I felt like I was 82 not 54.
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Deciding then and there, to try this new approach to chiropractic, I became Dr. Jenna’s patient/client that day. After her initial assessment, I saw Dr. Jenna, twice per week for one year. The difference in my posture, how my body reacts to STRESS, my aches and pains subsided substantially, that first year, is nothing short of a miracle in my mind. I started to feel like a human again.

My energy levels increased, I started to feel positive about myself.

I continue to see Dr. Jenna weekly now for adjustments. I have found that not only has she been able to get the “kinks out”, but she has been able to help me get off all the medications I was prescribed for my GERD (Gastro-Intestinal Reflux Disorder), and that I have not had any flair ups in the past two (2) years. My migraines are almost non-existent, too.

This past twelve (12) months (2018/2019) have been very stressful for me, becoming unemployed for the first time in forty (40) years. Dr. Jenna has continued to work with me and has kept me both physically and mentally feeling good about myself, while I looked for employment. (Happy to report I have found employment).

I know that had it not been for Dr. Jenna’s support, both as my chiropractor, but as my cheering section to keep pushing through, all the hard work that Dr. Jenna and I have done to keep my body in tip top shape, would have had major setbacks.

Not only is Dr. Jenna a fantastic chiropractor, but she is a wonderful, kind, caring person, inside and out. Willing to listen and try different approaches. Very open-minded.

She truly cares about the well-being of her patients/clients.

I will continue to be her patient/client for as long as I am on this earth.

I recommend you give her a call. You won’t be disappointed. I’m glad that I stopped at the Home Show that day!

– Theresa H.

Extremely Helpful

Dr.Jenna and Dr.Nancy were extremely helpful. They took the time to listen to all my concerns and explained everything step by step to me on the process. After my first treatment with chiropractor and acupuncture I already noticed a huge difference in my health struggles. I highly recommend both of them. I continue to see them and look forward to feeling back to my normal self. High five ladies!
- Charlotte

Kind and Helpful

Dr. Jenna was so kind and helpful. I have had chronic pain for a very long time, and she was able to put a plan in place to help me on my first visit! She made sure that I was comfortable to whole time, and talked me through every little thing she was doing. I plan on being a client here for as long as they will have me!

– Rachel

The Best Experience

Absolutely the best experience. Dr was amazing at listening to my concerns, addressing current pain and making plan to address issues for proper treatment.

- Joann

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