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Jag Dhatt, R. Ac, CAAA

Jag is a passionate athlete who believes in living a healthy and active lifestyle. She has attained further accreditation in Sports Medicine acupuncture, providing her with advanced training in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries and pain.

Highly Trained and Skilled Acupuncturist

Jag graduated with a Diploma of Acupuncture with Distinction from the Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture program at MacEwan University. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine principals, Jag diagnoses the signs and symptoms in each of her patients in order to understand and individually address their health concerns, providing each patient with a unique and specialized treatment plan. By utilizing treatment methods of acupuncture/acupressure, gua sha, and cupping, Jag can help her patients correct their imbalances naturally to resolve pain and regain health!

Jag is one of the select few acupuncturists who performs the ancient art of facial acupuncture and has attained certification in advanced techniques of Facial Acupuncture for facial rejuvenation. Jag evaluates the patient using Chinese Medical theory and uses her skills to gently, effectively, and safely combat the signs of aging to erase years from the face without the risk associated with injections or surgeries.

Jag’s focus in the clinic is on:

  • Sport medicine
  • Facial acupuncture
  • MSK
Jag Dhatt, Acupuncturist

Outside the Clinic

Jag enjoys finding adventure in the outdoors, partaking in the wonderful festivals of Edmonton and taking in live music performances, especially the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

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